Responsible Sportswear Brand


It is important to us to take responsibility not only for the quality of our products but also for their production. We produce our clothes in Lithuania in a Bluesign®-certified factory. Bluesign® is a global independent certificate focusing on environmental impact, health and production safety, aiming at sustainable and responsible textile production. The Bluesign® standard aims to minimise the environmental impact of production and guarantee the consumer the opportunity to buy responsibly produced clothing. The Bluesign® standard evaluates the entire production chain from raw materials to the finished product, ensuring the consumer of the responsible use of materials and the eco-friendliness and safety of the production process. Bluesign® has defined precise and concrete criteria for the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the finished product, on the basis of which maximum responsibility can be guaranteed throughout the entire production chain.

The Bluesign® standard is based on the following principles:

  • Resource productivity
  • Consumer safety
  • Air emission
  • Water emission
  • Occupational health and safety

As a result of the principles of the system, it is possible for the textile industry to utilise natural materials responsibly, reduce water use and emissions to the climate, develop wastewater treatment and reduce the ecological footprint as a whole.


Unlike many big clothing brands, we do not follow trends and we don’t constantly produce collections that change according to the seasons. Instead we carefully design timeless and high-quality garments which stay in the collection for a long time. We strive to add only products for which there is demand and which serve a purpose to our selection, and we do not renew our entire collection as the seasons change. We manufacture clothing in reasonable quantities on demand, so there is no need for ongoing discount sales in order to get rid of stock.


Our products are not the cheapest on the market, but our goal is not to offer our customers the most affordable gear – our goal is to offer the best. Our products are made to last, and we strive to make clothes that feel so comfortable that they will be used over and over again. We want to encourage you to buy one high-quality and comfortable, responsibly produced set of training tights instead of several cheap ones – after all, both the environment and your wallet will benefit from this!


In addition to always choosing the most comfortable and high-quality materials for our products, we also strive to utilise natural fibers and recycled materials where possible. In line with the Bluesign® principles, we also strive to minimise the amount of textile waste, and we always use up all materials we have ordered.


Tencel is one of the most eco-friendly textiles. It is a natural material derived from the cellulose produced by the sustainable forest industry. The raw material for Tencel is obtained from eucalyptus and its manufacturing process is more ecological than that of other modified cellulose fibers’. Tencel is a very durable but soft and light fiber that transfers and collects moisture excellently, breathes well and dries quickly. Tencel is naturally antibacterial and significantly less susceptible to bacterial growth than synthetic fibers.

The Oeko Tex-certified material we use in our t-shirts, tops and long sleeves contains Tencel natural fiber. The material is light, breathable and feels very soft against the skin.


We also strive to utilise recycled materials in our products. The polyamide in our compression tights is 100% recycled ECONYL® nylon made from marine and landfill plastic waste. ECONYL® yarn is produced from purified waste, and the recycled yarn has the same top properties as yarn produced from fossil raw materials. In addition to utilising plastic waste, ECONYL® nylon has a 90% lower impact on global warming compared to nylon made from oil.

In the future, we want to use more and more recycled materials in our products. We also use 100% recycled plastic in our product and shipping bags, and we hope you recycle the bag when you no longer need it yourself!