Our story

Gymnation Aleksi ja Saara

The story behind gymnation

It was August 2017. Aleksi had been struggling with difficult Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) for four years and life with chronic disease was finally starting to settle after colon removal surgery. After having been on sick leave for a long time and not being able to do any sports for a while, he felt excited about getting back to work and doing sports again. Together with his wife Saara, an enthusiastic CrossFitter, they started to think about what their new aim in life could be. After having been entrepreneurs for many years, starting a business of their own was a natural choice. They both wanted to have a job that would inspire them and where they could combine Aleksi's extensive experience from the clothing industry with their mutual passion for sports and training. The idea of GYMNATION was born.

In the beginning of 2018, the GYMNATION brand was established in Oulu, Finland, and all the hard work began. After countless hours spent on meetings, designing, product development and testing, the first collection of GYMNATION was launched in April 2019. From the very beginning our vision was to challenge the traditional sportswear brands and industry by designing premium training apparel manufactured with respect for the environment and humanity. Our ambition is to produce extra comfortable, durable and functional sportswear, and to utilise the newest innovations such as high performance eco-friendly fabrics. We don't make compromises when it comes to quality; we don't choose the cheapest way – we choose the right way. We aim to get better every day and want to inspire others to do the same. Be the best version of yourself.