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Men's Training Shirts


GYMNATION® men's shirts have been very well received by our customers. In the opinion of our customers, the best thing about our training shirts is their super-soft and quick-drying material as well as the excellent fit of the garments. "The best training shirt ever" is a familiar phrase we've heard from hundreds of our customers! You can read our customers' genuine product reviews on the product pages.

The most popular men's training shirts are the GYMNATION® men's short-sleeved t-shirt, long-sleeved training shirt, light and breathable training hoodie and high-quality Polartec® fleece hoodie:


What makes GYMNATION® men's shirts worth all the praise? One of the secrets of our training shirts is their very soft and unique material that simply feels amazingly nice to wear. GYMNATION® training shirts breathe even during intense, sweaty training and the dry very quickly. Men's training tops utilize Tencel natural fibers, which makes the material naturally antibacterial and keeps smelling fresh even after several uses without the sweat getting ingrained in the fabric.

Men's training shirts are suitable for sports and everyday life - choose the training shirt that suits your needs from our comprehensive selection:

  • T-shirts are best suited for sports that include sweating, such as gym training, running and other functional training such as CrossFit – as well as ball games and leisure.
  • Men's long-sleeved training shirts are best suited for slightly lower intensity exercise such as mobility or basic fitness training, as well as gym training in autumn and winter.
  • The GYMNATION® Men's Training Hoodie is designed for warm-up, light training/post-workout cooling down and leisure!