Women's Sports Bras

Women's Sports Bras


It is worth investing in a good sports bra. Period. Without proper support sports bras that fit your shape, your breasts may be exposed to too much range of motion, which can lead to stretching of the connective tissues, pregnancy scars, and breast pain. Moving is simply not comfortable if your chest doesn't get enough support. So, when you choose a sports bra for yourself, remember that it should feel very snug, so that there is enough support. By trying on different types of sports bras, you can find a design that fits your bust.

There are currently three different sports bra models in Gymnation's selection, two with medium support and one with light support. Sports bras are available both with built-in padding and without padding. We provide a lot of colour options and the colours have been thought-out so that they can be easily combined with other Gymnation products - for example popular women's training tights.

Gymnation's sports bras, like all our women's sportswear, are made from only high-quality materials, which have the necessary technical properties.


You should choose a sports bra according to your sport – however, bras with strong support lend themselves to all kinds of sports. When looking for a sports bra, you should take into account whether you will use it for sports with a lot of jumping or running – or calmer sports where less support is enough. The need for support naturally also depends on the size of the breasts. A design that can be pulled over the head is often sufficient for a small-breasted woman, while a sports bra with stronger support often attached either in the front or behind is more suitable for a large-breasted woman.

We have many customers who do CrossFit, and the Performance Boost Sports Bra in particular has been found to be very functional for this sport. Other sports for which our sports bras are well suited are, for example, gym training, yoga, weightlifting and padel. Although our bras are sturdy and provide good support, we do not recommend that women with a large bust use them in sports such as running.

Our sports bras receive an average of 5 out of 5 stars from our customers, so it's worth checking if you can find a new favourite sports bra in our selection!