About the brand

About Gymnationwear


GYMNATION is a Finnish sportswear brand established in Oulu in 2019. We design our products in Finland and manufacture our clothing responsibly in Europe, instead of choosing the cheapest option. The cornerstones of our brand are excellent quality, responsibility and timeless design combined with outstanding comfort.


We design and manufacture high-quality activewear for training and leisure, which is particularly comfortable to wear and made to last. The starting point for our product design is always high-quality, comfortable materials and an excellent fit. Our goal is to utilise environmentally friendly materials where possible, and we currently use a lot of natural fibers (Tencel) as well as recycled materials in some of our products. It is very important to us that the product works in the way it has been designed and that the garment is as comfortable as possible – no matter how tough the workout is. 


We always choose the best materials we are able to source, even though the price can be up to 3-5 times more expensive than the average fabric. Most of our fabrics come from Europe, for example Italy and France. We think the fabric should evoke emotions; we want our customers to feel like it’s the best thing they’ve ever worn when they try on our clothes! It is also important that the technical properties of the material function properly during both training and leisure. Try on our clothes and you will understand what we’re talking about.


We manufacture our clothes responsibly in a BlueSign-certified factory in Lithuania. We do not follow trends or practise seasonal thinking, but design timeless and high-quality clothes that stay in the collection for a long time. We strive to add only products for which there is a demand for and which will serve a purpose in our selection, and we do not renew our collection every time the seasons change. We manufacture clothing on demand in reasonable quantities, so there is no need for ongoing discount sales in order to get rid of stock. Read more about how we try to minimise the impact on the environment on our responsibility page.