Tencel is a responsible and hardwearing material for sportswear

Tencel Urheiluvaate Materiaali

Gymnation's goal is to produce sportswear of the highest possible quality – and to do it responsibly. We try to choose the most comfortable and breathable materials we can find for our clothes, and using natural fibers and recycled materials wherever possible. According to the criteria set by Bluesign®, we always use up all the textile material we have ordered in order to reduce the amount of textile waste.

What is Tencel?

Tencel, also known as Lyocell, is a material made from renewable natural resources. The material comes from fast-growing Eucalyptus trees. The cellulose material obtained from wood is compostable and quickly merges back into the natural cycle. The raw material is collected from responsibly grown natural forests and certified plantation forests.

As a fiber, cellulose is very resource-efficient and has a low environmental impact. In the production of the material, it is possible to use the solvent needed in the production several times again. As a consumer, you can be sure that Gymnation's products containing the material in question are environmentally friendly.

In the production of Tencel material, the focus is also on improving people's well-being, for example by organizing a fair working environment. This means, for example, regulation of the employees' working hours, a safe working environment and fair wages.
 Tencel Gymnation

Tencel is soft and naturally antibacterial

Some of the qualities of Tencel are:

  • Hardwearing
  • Soft against the skin
  • Doesn't wrinkle
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Effectively wicks and transports moisture away from the skin
  • Dries quickly after a sweaty workout
  • Antibacterial material, which repels odours

The Tencel in Gymnation clothes 

Tencel can be found in women's and men's tops, T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. Due to the excellent material, the clothes are of high quality and responsibly produced. In the future, we want to use not only Tencel but also other responsible materials in our clothes. In addition to Tencel, we use, for example, recycled plastic collected from the sea and landfills in our women's compression tights and men's compression tights.

Tencel urheiluvaatteet

What our customers think of Gymnation Tencel clothes 

Our customers often tell us how incredibly soft and light they think our tops with Tencel are. The material's excellent breathability and how quickly it dries also gets a lot of positive feedback. Above all, training tops and t-shirts containing tencel are perceived as very comfortable to wear - so comfortable that you want to use them outside the gym too!

Women's Training Long Sleeve

Wonderfully breathable, soft and light material. All in all, a perfect long-sleeved shirt that is so comfortable that I use it when I'm not training as well!

- Taru

Women's Training Tee

Really great fit and long enough too. Lovely material, which hasn't changed at all after washing. Recommend!

- Jenni

Women's Training Tank Top

Light, breathable and skin-friendly material, which makes the top superior in terms of comfort. Gymnation's clothes also don't have the unpleasant smell typical of most workout clothes. 


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