A quick and effective CrossFit workout (AMRAP15)

Marika Seppälä is an ambitious and energetic Crossfit athlete from Lahti. Marika, who is a Gymnation ambassador, is an educated exercise counselor and personal trainer. In addition, she is also currently studying to become a physiotherapist. You can check Marika's cool training updates on her Instagram @mmarikas.

In this blog post, you will find a low-threshold CrossFit workout that lasts 15 minutes. Marika has designed this sweaty and effective workout around her own favorite elements. The workout consists of versatile gymnastic movements with your own body weight and movements performed with dumbbells.

This Crossfit workout is therefore quite simple to do anywhere and is suitable for all! Thanks to the sunny summer weather, this workout is also perfect for working up a sweat outside, for example with a friend.

The movements of the workout

The workout is a 15-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) workout that includes 4 different movements. The aim is to do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. Each movement is performed for 15 repetitions, after which we move on to the next movement. Before starting the workout, you can do your own initial warm-up, where you get warm and out of breath. The initial warm-up can be, for example, running and active mobility movements.

However, let's get to the workout: 


  • 15 Pull up/jumping pull up 
  • 15 DB squat
  • 15 burpee over DB
  • 15 Push up


1. 15 Pull up/jumping pull up

Crossfit liike

Picture: Pinja Talikka (@ptalikkaphotography)

  • 15 reps of chin ups.
  • You can do the chin up the way you want, i.e. in a butterfly, with kip, strict or jumping style.

2. 15 DB squat

Crossfit liike

Picture: Pinja Talikka (@ptalikkaphotography)

  • In a shoulder-width position, do 15 squats with a dumbbell in your rack. 
  • You can also perform squats without weights (air squat) if you don't have dumbbells available.

3. 15 burpee over DB

Crossfit liike

Picture: Pinja Talikka (@ptalikkaphotography)

  • Burpee over the dumbell 15 times.
  • If you don't have dumbells, you can do it as normal burpees.

4. 15 Push up

Crossfit liike

Picture: Pinja Talikka (@ptalikkaphotography)

  • 15 reps of push ups

The benefits of CrossFit training

Crossfit is a versatile sport that comprehensively develops different aspects of physical fitness. With the help of Crossfit training, you can for example develop strength, endurance, mobility, speed and body control. The movements are functional and also promote the learning of various exercise skills.

This exercise AMRAP15 planned by Marika develops both muscular fitness and aerobic fitness. In any case, the training is reduced enough that it is possible to scale the training to suit your own skill level/fitness level. The workout is also suitable for beginners or those who have never tried Crossfit before!

The training place and time are not bound, and because of this it is possible to perform the training in a park or at a cottage. Dumbbells are also not necessary for training. So you can enjoy the summer in beautiful weather while working out.

CrossFit Clothing

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